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Marilyn Hagerty: Remembering Judy's

The weekend at hand brings fluffy snow, hockey and a bunch of lawyers to Grand Forks.

For cheerful souls among us, the first snow of the season is beautiful. For grouchy folks, the response is, "Bah humbug." For jolly youngsters with sleds, it's a chance to slide down the hill along Lincoln Park golf course.

The class that graduated 40 years ago from the UND School of Law is holding a reunion this weekend. If there are any legal problems that come up at the hockey games against Western Michigan, those lawyers should be able to help out.

Remembering Judy's

There were 65 new lawyers who graduated from UND 40 years ago. And Bruce Quick of Fargo, who was class president, says about half of them will be back this weekend.

Tonight, they'll eat Rhombus pizza before the game. Saturday, the lawyers will gather at the green room of the Ralph.

And the memories will flow. They probably will talk of hanging out at a place called Judy's.

Things have changed, but the law school enrollment stays about the same, according to Ron Carolin, director of alumni. There are 240 students in the three classes this year. And the interim dean is Brad Myers.

Ask Marilyn

Q. How come this seems to be Wilma Smith day in Grand Forks?

A. It's because she has been so outstanding and well known for her work at Vilandre's for 32 years. She's not done riding her bike and tending grandchildren.

Q. What time is the basketball game Saturday?

A. The men will be home from their travels and have a game with Minnesota Morris at 3 p.m. in the Betty.

Q. Where is the UND fan luncheon today?

A. It's scheduled in Room 4 in the Alerus Center. Tickets are $12. And the lunches have been better than good.

Q. What interesting license places have been seen around here lately?

A. NOT URS on a Hummer. Also FROG MOM, UND FANS and L8AGAN. And: 4U SONNY.

Whitney and Terry

Cheerful people of the week: Whitney Berry and Terry Brenner.