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Marilyn Hagerty: Saturday's parade was one for the ages

Dear Sharon Rezac Andersen,

I see you have settled down in Green Valley. I think a lot of people from the Grand Forks area end up in Arizona—at least for the long winters.

It's been a while since you were at the International Centre at UND. I wish you could have seen the UND marching band in the Potato Bowl Parade Saturday. Dressed in black and white, more than 100 student musicians directed by Robert Brooks led the way. Many people were saying it was the best parade ever in the Forks. We have the Shriners to thank. The potentate is Bill Steckler. Ryan Scott was parade chairman.

The football game and all the tailgating out by the Alerus Center was fun. But we lost by a hair to Idaho State. The new UND mascot showed up over the weekend.

The Hawk doesn't really have a name—yet. But he (or maybe she) is frisky and saucy. I don't know who lurks within that costume.

Needs for fans

When I parked my car before the football game, I was near a long line of UND fans waiting to use the temporary toilets. Well, I mean long. And they were vocal. They had one thought in mind: ''We need more toilets."

They chanted in unison.

Volleyball, caramel apples

Yes, Sharon, there are priorities! And time marches relentlessly on. There are volleyball games coming up this weekend at the Betty at UND. Our Hawks play Oral Roberts on Friday and the South Dakota State team Saturday.

This is the time of year when people eat caramel apples from Widman's and dig around for jackets. What on earth do you do in Arizona?

With best regards from the Forks, Marilyn Hagerty.

P.S. This is the best time of year to get out and enjoy the autumn days. Last week I had a chance to visit the Pembina State Museum Interpretive Center and take the elevator to the seven-story high observation tower. The view of the Red River Valley is magnificent this time of year. And there is no charge for visitors to enjoy this center.

This weekend they are having the Goose Festival over at Middle River, Minn., I plan to be there for the cook-off and goose calling contest.