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Marilyn Hagerty: Closing the book on a long career

Dear Toni Vonasek,

Your career at the Grand Forks Public Library is coming to an end with your retirement this month. I just want to join others in thanks for all the help you have given as a reference librarian.

You have kept good track of all the precious books and folders in the Grand Forks Room. You helped us get on track to read files of old newspapers. You were always courteous and patient with people like me.

You have had a great career here at the Grand Forks Public Library. You joined the staff after graduating from UND and then getting your master's degree at the University of New York.

Now your two children — son Michael and daughter Teresa McComb—are grown. Your husband, Wayne, is retired from his work at UND. You grew up in Minnewaukan, N.D., but you will stay in Grand Forks.

And I know you would rather read than watch a bunch of television. You really like the Anne McCaffrey science-fiction series.

Apple crisp

This is a beautiful time of year in Grand Forks, Toni. My grass looks better now than it did all summer. The apples on the tree in the backyard are ripening. I peeled and sliced some to make apple crisp while I listened to the UND football game Saturday.

Yikes, that was tough. Now they have another big challenge this weekend in Texas.

After that — in another week — we have UND Homecoming combined with Potato Bowl and the beginning of autumn.

All I can say is ''tempus fugits.'' You know, time flies. I learned that in Latin class.

Trucks need room

This, to me, is a most beautiful time of year. It is so exciting to have the harvest going on. The Herald has scads of ads showing that truck drivers are needed along with other help. The annual race is on to get the beets and potatoes into storage.

They always warn newcomers to Grand Forks that those trucks can't stop on a dime. We all have to be wary as they make their way through town.

Some people take vacation to drive truck this time of year. They say they use their money for Christmas shopping.

Understanding Alzheimer's

You probably remember, Toni, how we never used to talk about Alzheimer's or dementia. Now there is more help and understanding. It is fostered in monthly classes in a program called Memory Café. They are planned to begin again at 1 and 6:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Fellowship Hall at Calvary Lutheran Church.

With all best wishes for a well earned retirement, I remain, your friend, Marilyn.