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Marilyn Hagerty: Friday the 13th? Meh

Most people around here probably will little note nor long remember that this is Friday the 13th. Those who have been around the block a while might think of the times when there was a sort of fear connected with such days.

There was the admonition not to walk under a ladder on Friday the 13th. It was supposed to bring on bad luck. All I can say about it today is don't run under the sprinkler. You will get wet.

The second weekend in July rolls in with branches of trees still loitering on roofs and curbs around the Forks. Signs of last Sunday's windstorm are all over and still widespread.

Swimming's up

Jay Panzer was re-elected president of the Park Board at its meeting Tuesday. Among reports, the board heard that swimming is up this summer at the city pools. The last count was 2,600 more swimmers at the two pools — Elks and Riverside — than last summer.

Tricks or treats

Ghosts, goblins and balloon pumpkins are moving in on the amphitheater at nearby Turtle River State Park today. Ghoul and goblin games begin at 8 tonight. And the Halloween in summer events continue Saturday. Erika Kolbow, park naturalist, says critter costumes will take over at 10 a.m. Saturday in the visitor center. And the Halloween in July costume contest begins at 6:30 p.m. Saturday in the amphitheater.

Halloween in July happens every summer at Turtle River State Park. And Kolbow says participants don't need to be campers. It's open to all park visitors.

She says there are 108 modern campsites at Turtle River. And they have been full.

Ask Marilyn

Q. What are the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts up to this summer?

A. The Lake Agassiz District is holding its 32nd annual Boy Scout Lawn Social Wednesday. It begins at 5:30 p.m. at the Myra Museum.

Q. What about the Girl Scouts?

A. They are planning their annual Camp LOL for the weekend of Sept. 8. And it will be at Turtle River State Park in Arvilla. Lisa McEvers, North Dakota Supreme Court justice, will serve as Celebrity Judge.

Patti and Paul

Cheerful people of the week: Patti McEnroe and Paul Fladland.