Dear Sandy,

There's a hum of power saws all around Grand Forks, and a few men from Midco climbing poles here and there.

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But the worst is over. We had trees, branches and twigs floating all over the Forks early Sunday. This is fix-up week. People are repairing fences, piling up tree trunks and raking branches.

Yikes! It all started in the wee hours of Sunday morning. I could tell there was trouble brewing by the wind outside.

The branches were flying. I uttered a quick prayer when the power went out. "Thank you, God,'' I said, "for my battery powered radio.

"And thank you, God, for Ryan Cunningham and Radio Station KNOX.'' He kept listeners informed. So I knew what was happening when the storm hit like a bomb.

This house, I thought, was built in 1948. Since then, it has withstood rain, sleet, snowstorms and hail. But nothing quite like this. Now the rain came. The wind howled. Lightning was striking. It was wild, but it was short.

Ryan Cunningham had told me on the radio when the storm struck around Larimore. It wasn't long before it hit Grand Forks. And then it moved on east on its relentless path of destruction.

Sunday was clean up day here in Grand Forks. So was Monday. I guess this Tuesday we can move on.

Coping with summer

Here I was feeling sorry for you. Since you moved to Arizona, I thought how you and Earl are missing the best time of year in North Dakota. Well, at least you didn't miss the wild storm here. And you are learning to cope with the summer heat in Arizona.

I waited all day Sunday for the power to come back on. While I waited for my cell phone call to get through to Midco, I thought of the dear days of long ago. Some of us grew up without air conditioning.

The ice cream was getting soggy in the refrigerator. I thought of going over to the Dairy Queen. But with electricity out the garage door wouldn't open.

Movie in park

After that short explosion, things are relatively calm here in Grand Forks. On Thursday night, there's a movie called "Hitch" in Lincoln Drive Park at sundown - for free. It's sponsored by the Ground Round.

So I send best wishes from the land of sugar beets and honey to you in the land of blue skies and hot steering wheels.

Your friend in the Forks, Marilyn.