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Marilyn Hagerty: Soon time to venture out for spring

Dear Marilyn Alexander,

The snow is shrinking around here, so I assume it is doing the same in Winnipeg. I think it's about time you and Derek get in the car and come down to Grand Forks!

I'll make a pot of tea for you, and we can go shopping. We've lost Macy's in the mall, but we have a sprinkling of new shops. The kind you like.

It's been a long time since you have been here. I think it was last September. Remember—Derek bought us all dinner at Whitey's. And now Whitey's has become Sickies. You used to make it down here pretty often when your son Donovan was playing football for UND.

Time has a way of marching relentlessly on!

Still, some things never change. This is the time of year when the auctioneers are busy. There's a big sale coming up Thursday near Minto. It's a farm auction for Francis and Paula Kilichowski.

They are retiring, but they aren't moving away. They've raised three children on the farm. They have three grandchildren.

As at most auctions this time of year, there will be food available. Country Smokehouse from Grafton will be there. Scott Schuster is the auctioneer.

Suntans and smiles

Our snowbirds are flying home. I know a lot of Canadians who go south are heading north on Interstate 29 these days.

You know it's spring when all these people come back with suntans and smiles. And this week the bands are playing.

The Grand Forks City Band is holding a free spring concert at 7 p.m. Thursday at the East Grand Forks Senior High Performing Arts Center. And next Monday, the Second Wind Band directed by Don Craig will starts its spring tour at Larimore Good Samaritan Home.

Red River Catfish

And even the Red River Valley Catfish Club is gearing up for a new season. That begins May 9. I think the ice will be out by then. I remember you showing me how the river looks in Winnipeg. Well, it travels 550 miles from Wahpeton to Winnipeg. Through lots of twists and turns.

I was just reading how the Red River Floodway in Winnipeg protects your city from a one-in-700- years flood.

Well, time marches on and so should I. I send my greetings from south of the Canadian border.

Your friend, Marilyn in the Forks.

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