North Dakota ranks first in quality of life! I actually read that in a quality of life report in USA Today.

Well, the weekend arrives with icicles dripping from the roofs and big potholes in the city's streets. Still, all will be well if hockey goes well for the UND team this weekend.

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Hockey fans are flocking to The Ralph for the showdown with Omaha. Highways and byways are busy with fans heading for basketball tournaments.

The calendar on my desk says to spring the clock ahead for the beginning of Daylight Saving Time on Sunday. Those who have escaped the woes of winter in Arizona won't have to worry, though. That state shows common sense by not using daylight saving time.

The week that was brought enough snow to close schools and plug up roads. Most of us were cowering inside our homes Monday.

But there she was - with her head down and her mail bag on her shoulder. Amber Denault, a letter carrier, was out delivering mail. Schools were closing. Highways were treacherous.

Once again, March blew in with the message - it isn't over until it's over. And travel agents were answering phone calls. There were queries from people who still want to get away. Stacy Garritson, agent at Bon Voyage, says travel is up this year. The cold weather sends people to Mexico and the Caribbean. In March there are calls from people thinking of Ireland, London, Paris and Italy. Julie Conely at Monarch Travel finds Jamaica probably is the number one destination this winter.

Spring break couldn't come too soon. And it is next week at UND. Away they go. Florida, Hawaii, Cancun. Oh yes! Many stay home.

Ask Marilyn

Q. A reader from Winnipeg wonders where he can find a good piece of apple pie in Grand Forks.

A. Maybe Perkins or the Northside Café. There must be others!

Q. Another call from Minneapolis was from a woman wondering where she and her companion can find a good dinner when they visit Grand Forks.

A. That depends. There is a choice of steak, seafood, Japanese fare, Chinese food.

Q. How do you spell Lamoureux?

A. By now, most everyone knows. Monique and Jocelyne sparked celebrations all over the world by sparking the Team USA win in the Winter Olympics. Quietly, proudly, in the background is their grandmother, Edith Soli. She remembers the twins dancing, singing, playing instruments as they grew up.

Q. What is the best plate seen lately?


Judd and Beth

Cheerful people of the week: Judd McKinnon and Beth Boulet.