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Marilyn Hagerty: Sweethearts, Scouts and sports

Dear Sandy Mason,

Thanks for your notes from Arizona. Your warm days of 85 degrees sound delightful. And 40 degrees in the morning isn't bad, either. When I turned the radio on to KNOX early Monday, the wind chill factor here was something obscene — like, 40 below. I looked out the window and repeated out loud, "We live here because we like it here."

Then I turned my thoughts to hearts, flowers, chocolate. It's Valentine's Day on Wednesday. I do believe we have winter on the run. From here on, it's downhill all the way. That is, unless we have a blizzard in March.

They are playing Sweetheart Bingo on Wednesday at the VFW club in East Grand Forks. And the Twin Forks Chorus are delivering Singing Valentines.

Mayor Brown probably will wear a red necktie when he delivers his annual state of the city message at a noon luncheon Wednesday in the Alerus.

And I notice the dessert will be strawberry white chocolate mousse. Many who eat it will move on to Ash Wednesday evening services. The solemn season of Lent is at hand.

Full of wonder

Did you know that Boy Scouts blossom in winter around here? A whole flock of Eagle Scouts flew out of St. Mark's Lutheran Church last week.

Since 1978, there have been 54 Boy Scouts reaching the Eagle rank from Troop 130 at St. Mark's. And there are a few more coming up. The present Scoutmaster is Perry Vogel. Among those leading the Scout troops before him was Tom Henderson.

For now, I am full of wonder in February. I wonder where those rabbits sleep, and I wonder how much the heating bill will be for February. I wonder who will win the high school hockey tournament. And what teams will make it to the state basketball playoffs.

Our UND hoops teams hit hard times last week, but we know they will bounce back. The men are playing Southern Utah here Thursday and Northern Arizona on Saturday evening.

I will be watching.

The mood around the Forks was good after the UND hockey team came back with a win over Denver University Saturday at The Ralph. You know how we live and die with hockey around here!

Your friend Marilyn, still wearing a fur lined coat in the Red River Valley of the North.

P.S.: Another winter traveler spotted these license plates in Arizona: CERVHIM, PHANCEE and S8INNS.