FARGO-I'm not a laundry genius.

My mom can attest.

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I like to do the least amount of laundry loads possible, so I often mix colors with darks and wash it all on cold and say a quick prayer.

And I forget that some clothing can't be dried in a dryer.

A few months ago, I accidentally dried a 100 percent cotton "lay flat and air dry" dress. The brand-new summer dress shrunk a solid 2 inches in length.

I read a tip on fashion and lifestyle website and blog "Who What Wear" and decided to give it a try. The hint promised to unshrink my itty-bitty dress.

Here's what I did: I filled a clean, empty bucket with 3 tablespoons of hair conditioner (clear or white in color) and warm water. I submerged my dress for five minutes.

I gently wrung out the excess water and laid the dress flat on a large towel. I carefully pulled at the fabric to stretch the hem down to its original length.

I left the dress to dry, and the next time I tried it on, it was an appropriate length again.

The tip works best on cotton or knit garments. Always test a small area to make sure you don't ruin your clothing.

When in doubt, consult a dry cleaner.