Dear Sandy and Earl Mason,

Although you are gone from Grand Forks, you are not forgotten. I think of you now as former Snowbirds turned Sunbirds in Arizona and all settled down in Oro Valley.

While you say you miss the Snowbirds this time of year, you like finding more parking spaces. And you don’t have to battle traffic around Tucson in July. Then, too, your favorite restaurants lose their waiting lines.

Well, we are really into summertime around here. The skies are blue. The grass is green. And Fourth of July was great. The city celebration sponsored by the Sertoma Club was held out in the south part of Grand Forks. That was because of road construction downtown.

Turns out people really liked the chance to view the fireworks from that area. So we will see what happens next year.

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Days of Summer

Right now we are enjoying the best days of summer. The gardens are growing. And they are holding the farmer market on Saturdays downtown – near City Hall. The cars are still racing on Friday nights out at the fair grounds. You can hear the buzz all over town.

We had a slight haze caused by smoke from Canada fires, but that has cleared. The skies are blue and the clouds are fluffy. This is lake season, you know. Didn’t you used to have a place over at Maple Lake?

Cookie Monday

Along with skies and clouds, I am promoting cookies around here. My other sunbird correspondent, Dave McFarland, and his wife will be up from Florida. Along with their visit with family and friends, there will be a cookie celebration Monday. That’s the 15th -- over at Lincoln Park.

We will celebrate summer, lift stations and everything else we can think of. We hope a lot of people will come at 2 p.m. Monday with a plate of six cookies. That’s July 15. We want to have enough left over to share with Northland Rescue Mission downtown.

There will be music. Mayor Mike Brown will talk about cookies and my lift station on Belmont Road. Kim Holmes will judge cookies.

Wish you and Earl could be here. We miss you in Grand Forks.

Your friend, Marilyn

P.S. It has been 17 years since some radio guys called a bluff and helped put my name on the

sewage lift station at the corner of 15th Avenue South, and Belmont Road. Later on, the name of a more famous columnist Dave Barry was placed on the lift station at Cherry Street and 32nd Avenue South.