Dear Dave:

There was a time when it took a proclamation from Grand Forks City Hall to establish a special day. But that seems to have fallen by the wayside. Everyone holds special days. So I am pronouncing July 15 as Cookie Day in Grand Forks. It also will be Lift Station Day with an invitation for people to leave a couple of nice flowers by my station there on the corner of 15th Avenue South and Belmont Road.

You know where that is. The only trouble is that it is too hard to park there.

But I want you and Kathy and all the friends we can muster to come over to Lincoln Park. There, we will have cookies and coffee at one of the shelters. Mayor Michael Brown will be there with oatmeal and raisin cookies. We will have music and dancing. So far I have G. Paul Larson lined up to sing. Maybe we could get some children from the SPA program to perform.

Gather at Lincoln

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We’ll meet from around 2 p.m. in a big shelter over at Lincoln Park. And we’ll all plan to bring along cookies to eat and some to share with the City Mission.

I think I will put Susie Shaft and Barb Knipe in charge of serving cookies. Maybe Mark Hadlich will help. Or his brother, Robin. If not, probably Doug Norby would. I think Professor Doug Munski could pitch in if he doesn’t have a summer class at UND. And Frank White, another popular professor, might help.

I’m looking for all the help I can find. This is going to be so much fun. There’s nothing like a cookie and some coffee in the park.

Home again

I’m glad you and Kathy are back from your Viking River Cruise. That sounds wonderful. When you come up here in July, you won’t find any castles on the Red River as you did along the Rhine.

But you well remember Grand Forks is a great place to be in July. Better than your retirement home in Florida. You say you walked into a wall of heat and humidity as you landed in Fort Myers. Your home in Florida seems to be as hot in summer as your former home in Grand Forks was cold in winter. Such extremes. I don’t think you will need ice towels with cubes inside if you go golfing here in Grand Forks.

Your friend on Cottonwood Street,


P.S. Near as I can figure, it has been 17 years since I claimed my allegiance to the lift station at 15th Street and Belmont Road. It turned into a celebration with the help of some afternoon radio announcers. I remember the UND Sioux basketball cheerleaders were there. And time keeps marching on. Following the naming of my lift station, a nationally known columnist Dave Barry was honored with his name going on Dave Barry Lift Station No. 16 at the corner of 32nd Avenue South and Cherry Street.

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