The days of June are here. These are the days we long for during the doldrums of January. These are the days the poets write about.

They do not write about rabbits in the backyard or dandelions on the berms. The weekend arrives with a rhubarb festival Saturday at University Park and an ice cream social Sunday at St. Anne’s Guest Home.

Chuck Gust and Friends who know how to handle accordions will be there.

So it seems right that the annual “Run for Your Buns” is set for 8 a.m. Saturday. The colon cancer benefit event begins at Lincoln Park.

Honduras bound

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Come snow or shine, several doctors from this area go regularly to help the needy. One of them is Dr. Glen Yoshida who leaves Saturday for nine days in Honduras with a group of 15 in the International Relief Team.

During the nine years Dr. Yoshida has traveled to Honduras the facilities there have grown. At first, he said, there was one small operating room. Now there are three.

As a visiting physician, he helps with ear infections, tonsil and adenoid problems.

Dr. Yoshida and his wife are members of Calvary Lutheran Church which annually sends a team of friends to Honduras.

Penny loafers

St. James High School is gone but not forgotten in Grand Forks. Members of the class of 1959 are planning their 60th reunion on Aug. 3 and 4. It will be held at the American Legion in East Grand Forks.

And the memories flow!

“We wore penny loafers or white Keds tennis shoes. Sock hops were the craze,” says Joni Keogh Kurtz, one of the reunion organizers. “We even danced to records during our lunch hour in the gym.

“Girls played half court basketball in our wonderful one-piece gym suits,” Kurtz recalls. “Can cans were a big part of our wardrobes with full circle quilted skirts.”

Ask Marilyn

Q. Why do they have that sign at 13th Avenue and Cottonwood Street pointing to Christmas in the Park at Lincoln Park.

A. Maybe someone forgot to take it down.

Q. Will chili powder fend off rabbits in the backyard?

A. That’s what one reader says. However, the stuff I bought at a hardware store doesn’t scare them much.

Q. What are some of the interesting license plates spotted recently around here?


Kris and Brad

Cheerful people of the week: Kris Compton and Brad Wehe.