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I stake my reputation on BJ Maxson

For the past 31 years Id like to think Ive earned peoples trust by telling them the truth. Whether it was on WDAZ-TV, KCNN Radio, as the Public Information Officer for the City of Grand Forks, or most recently on KNOX radio, I never wavered from that pledge even if the news wasnt pleasant or what you wanted to hear I always gave you the facts. And even though I may have had strong feelings or opinions on a subject, I never let my personal bias get in the way.

So, when I left the journalism business and was asked to be part of a local campaign, I hesitated. I did a lot of homework and a lot of fact-finding and those facts convinced me that BJ Maxson is the best choice to become the next Sheriff of Grand Forks County.

BJ Maxson has been with the GF County Sheriffs Department for nearly 27 years. He is the top Lieutenant, trained in all aspects of the office, trusted by fellow law enforcement colleagues, endorsed by Sheriff Bob Rost and numerous civic leaders, and is the only remaining candidate that is a U-S Veteran serving 10 years with Security Police in the US Air Force.

His opponent has 13 years experience with the Sheriffs Department, and is one rank lower (Sergeant) than BJ in fact, BJ was responsible for training him when he started. And his opponent claims that because he is a native of Grand Forks, it makes him the more qualified candidate. Voters in Grand Forks are smarter than that. Thats like choosing your doctor or your mechanic based on where they were born rather than their experience. And the only way to get experience, is time. The more time and training you put in, the more experienced you become. The fact is, BJ Maxson has been serving his country and the residents of Grand Forks County for nearly 37 years about as long as his opponent has been alive.

I wasnt born in Grand Forks either, but people learned they could trust me because of the extensive experience, knowledge and credibility I brought to my job in journalism. I have come to call Grand Forks my home just as BJ Maxson has done.

Its easy to say you can be a good Sheriff, but the proof is in the facts. Whenever Sheriff Rost is out of the office, who does he ask to fill in for him? BJ Maxson. Why? Because BJ Maxson has the proven experience to do the job. Sheriff Rost could have endorsed BJ Maxsons opponent, but he didnt. Why? Because Sheriff Rost knows BJ Maxson is the right person, with the right qualities, and the right amount of experience, to take over the office when he retires. And I couldnt agree more.

Ive staked my reputation on telling people the truth. Ive always told people the facts. I ask you to trust me as you have trusted me in the past and vote for BJ Maxson for Sheriff.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.