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Cramer chooses politics over decency - again

When Kevin Cramer promised to vote with the president 100% of the time, I assumed it was an exaggeration. But Cramers comments on sexual assault allegations proved me wrong he really meant what he said when he promised unconditional loyalty.

Asked about allegations of sexual assault against the presidents nominee for the Supreme Court, Cramer immediately made up his mind and rejected a full investigation because "these people were teenagers" and the assault was only an attempt "that never went anywhere." Later, he even suggested it didnt matter if the story was true, that it wouldnt disqualify a candidate to have attempted to sexually assault someone because "it was 35 years ago."

Based on that statement, Cramer either believes that theres nothing wrong with *attempted* sexual assault or hes so dependent on the presidents support that hes willing to say anything to win in November.

Before you vote in November, I urge you to listen to this disturbing interview. What you will hear is a man choosing his own political ambitions over standing up to sexual assault. There are some things that are more important than politics... But maybe not, for Kevin Cramer.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.