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SCHNEIDER is only choice for SHERIFF

I am writing to express my and my familys support for Andy Schneider as the next Sheriff of Grand Forks County.

We are voting for Andy not only because he is the most qualified candidate but because of the type of man that Andy is. Andy is a man of high moral character who truly cares about the future of this community. Andy is a man of faith and his compassion for people makes him the right type of man to lead our law enforcement in Grand Forks County. Knowing Andy on a personal level I can tell you that he is a great friend, a great father and husband and all of this makes him an even better police officer. Having been born and raised in Grand Forks, he wants to see Grand Forks continue to be the type of community that you want to raise a family in. Andy is exactly the type of man that I would want at the head of the law enforcement agency that keeps my family safe.

Simply put- Andy Schneider is worthy of your trust in him. He has all of ours. My family and I will be voting for Andy Schneider for Sheriff of Grand Forks County and we encourage you to do the same.

The Bruce and Christine Spicer Family

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.