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Mayor Mike Brown: Why I'm supporting Heidi Heitkamp for U.S. Senate

North Dakotans have an important choice to make this November. As the Mayor of Grand Forks - but most importantly, as a citizen of North Dakota - I felt compelled to speak up about this year’s race for United States Senate.

Put simply, this Senate campaign should be about the candidates’ records. It should be about the results they’ve actually brought home to North Dakotans during their time in office. Heidi has distinguished herself as an effective legislator - she’s informed, she’s engaged and she gets the job done for North Dakota. She’s never lost touch with her roots. And that’s pretty rare in Washington these days.

I know this election is going to be hotly contested - and folks of good faith will be on both sides. But comparing the two candidates, even as someone who voted for President Trump, for me the choice to support Heidi Heitkamp couldn’t be clearer.

Since she was elected, Heidi has always been a wonderful partner for the people of Grand Forks - for our economy, our kids, and the safety of our families. It’s because of her tireless work that our city has a five-day Vet Center - now our vets can get the services they need here close to home. Heidi was a strong force in cracking down on human trafficking online and in our own backyards, and she helped pave the way with the FAA and build the public-private relationships that’s helping Grand Forks Air Force Base lead the nation in unmanned aircraft systems innovation. And she’s never forgotten about our kids - Heidi’s always worked to make sure every child has the tools and opportunity they need to succeed.

We need more independent voices like Heidi’s in Washington - she doesn’t get caught up in the partisan swamp, she just cuts right through the politics and delivers results. That’s the type of independence I value in a leader - it’s why I voted for President Trump in the last election, and that’s why I’ll be proud to cast my ballot for Heidi Heitkamp this November.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.