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Josh Schreiner, Grand Forks, letter: Health reform's taxes will cripple economy

GRAND FORKS -- I truly am in shock at North Dakota Democratic Rep. Earl Pomeroy's vote in favor of the health care reform bill.

Let's be clear: This bill is not reform. It will not lower costs, and sections of it are blatantly unconstitutional.

This bill is nothing more than an ever-expanding federal government transferring the costs of health care from individuals (where those costs belong) to taxpayers -- including and most important, future generations of taxpayers.

The bill does not do anything to curb costs associated with medical malpractice lawsuits. It puts a mandate on individuals to buy health insurance or pay a fine. It subsidizes individuals who make up to $88,000 a year, and it creates $438 billion in new taxes.

Need I remind our congressman about Economics 101? We are in the middle of a recession. Adding that $438 billion in new taxes (as well as letting the Bush-era tax cuts expire) is a recipe for a depression.

Congressmen, we called you, we e-mailed you, we wrote letters -- and you refused to hear us. That is not representation. Today, the only choice we have is to voice our opposition again -- this time, at the ballot box in November.

People may forgive you, congressman. But people also will not forget.

Josh Schreiner