Letters to the Editor and Guest Column guidelines

The Opinions page is where Grand Forks Herald readers express their opinions and learn of other perspectives on issues in the news.

Letters to the editor: Letters must be 350 words or less, although a letter that ends with a strong point may be allowed another 20 or so words. Letters of 250 words are preferred. Please include your name, address and daytime phone number for verification. We publish a representative sampling of letters received, and those that are respectful, civil and stick to issues go to the head of the line. Letters will be edited for grammar, clarity and conciseness. We generally don't publish more than one letter per writer per month.

You can submit your letter by sending it to letters@gfherald.com. Please copy and paste the letter into the email, rather than sending attachments. Send via mail to Letters to the Editor, Box 6008, Grand Forks, 58206.

Guest columns: We also welcome guest columns on important public issues. Viewpoints should have a target of 650 words, and we strongly prefer columns that are exclusive to the Grand Forks Herald.

Letters and columns become property of the Grand Forks Herald and can be republished in any format.

For more on our letters and Opinions page policy, call Executive Editor Korrie Wenzel at 701-780-1103 or send email to kwenzel@gfherald.com.