The special meeting of the Manvel School

The special meeting of the Manvel School Board was held on Friday, February 25th, 2022 at 5:00 PM at the school and via ZOOM. Board Members present: S. Dockter, D. Hoverson & K. Langowski Board Members absent: D. Malott, J. Harrison Approved: June 14th 2022 for School Board Elections. M/S/U D. Hoverson, S. Dockter Approved: Issuing teacher contracts to: C. Sandness, K. Potratz, A. Fuller, C. Dub, B. Kasprick, M. Kennedy, M. Love, J. Wohlgamuth, T. Barandi, T. Twedell, V. Fruetel, E. Davis, J. Grosskreutz, C. Tunseth, L. Liden, M. Ketterl. M/S/U S. Dockter, D. Hoverson D. Hoverson made the motion to adjourn, S. Dockter seconded. Respectfully submitted, Karla Braaten Business Manager (March 23, 2022) 43759