SPECIAL ASSESSMENT COMMISSION MEETING 2nd Floor Conference Room, City Hall, 255 N 4th Street, Grand Forks, ND Wednesday, December 21st, 2022– 11:00 a.m. AGENDA Members of the Special Assessment Commission may be attending this meeting in person or electronically. Members of the public wishing to view the live meeting of the Special Assessment Commission should contact Stefanie Coleman at 701-746-2667 prior to 10:30 am on the day of the meeting December 21st, 2022, for further information. 1. Approve Minutes 2. Assign Benefit to the following projects: a. Project #8619.1 District #774.1 – Mill & Overlay for UND Neighborhood – Hamline St, Cambridge St, Harvard St, Princeton St. b. Project #8461.0 District #584 – Sanitary Sewer 41st Ave S c. Project #8462.0 District #354 – Watermain 41st Ave d. Project #8463.0 District #585 – Storm Sewer 41st Ave S e. Project #8464.0 District #763 – Paving & Street Lights 41st Ave S 3. Other a. Project #8485.01, District #589 – Highway 81 Area Storm Pond Discussion 4. Motion to Adjourn (Dec. 21, 2022) 131630