Revised Ordinance 3.0215: Notice-Snow re

Revised Ordinance 3.0215: Notice-Snow removal or Street Cleaning Amendment effective 1-18-23: From October 1 to May 1 of each calendar year, Gilby City request that you do not park on the city streets to allow for the snow plow. If you know that snow is predicted, please do not park in the alleys or the streets. If a vehicle is not removed from the streets within 24 hours of snow fall, it may subject to being impounded. Interstate towing will be notified and vehicles will be impounded and all costs will be the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle. Current costs on impounding are as follows: (Jan 2023) and are subject to change due to the discretion of Interstate Towing Company. • Towing Charges: One hundred fifteen dollars (115.00) for two-wheel drive vehicles and one hundred forty-five dollars (145.00) for four-wheel drive vehicles. • Mileage – $120.00 • Fuel Surcharge - $60.00 • Lot Fee (administrative fee for lot) - $50.00 • Storage per day, adjusted each midnight - $50.00 • Additional charges may apply for some vehicles and special circumstances. Release Requirements: • Vehicle will only be released to registered owner. If the owner cannot be present, they may fill out a form at • Entry to vehicle will not be allowed unless there is a consent from registered owner. • To drive vehicle off the lot, the vehicle needs to be paid and meet current ND motor vehicle requirements. A valid driver’s license, current registration and proof of insurance. Digital forms of insurance or registration are acceptable. • If the vehicle is unregistered or uninsured, the owner can request that the vehicle be towed out. However, the vehicle must be taken to a private home; it cannot be towed to rental property or city street. Payments for impound vehicle will be: Cash in United States currency, Mastercard, Visa and Discover. Credit Cards can be processed on site. Readings of this revised amendment completed 1-10-23 and 1-17-23 and will be effective 1-18-23. This revised amendment is posted on the Gilby City website; (Feb. 1, 2023) 179049