RESOLUTION OF NECESSITY Paving and Street Lighting District No. 593, Project No. 8563 RESOLVED That the city council has received and considered the report of the city engineer as to the general nature, purpose and feasibility of the proposed paving – box culvert in and for _Paving (Box Culvert) District No. 593, designated as Project No. 8563, and an estimate of the probable cost of the work, and approves the report and directs it to be filed in the city auditor’s office, where any person interested may examine it, and directs the engineer to prepare detailed plans and specifications for construction of the improvement and determines that it is necessary to make the improvement as described in the report, to-wit: Purpose and general nature: Improvement of the municipal system serving the district by construction of paving street lighting. Location: Project location area consists of box culvert to be located in the South End Drainway south of 40th Ave S. and west of S. Columbia Rd at the Southern Estates 9th Addition FURTHER RESOLVED That special assessments for the improvement shall be levied upon properties within the boundaries of the district as heretofore created, to-wit: To serve the area of: Southern Estates 8th Resubdivision - Lot 1, Block 2; Lot 1, Block 3; Southern Estates 9th Resubdivision - Lots 1 – 18, Block 1; Lots 1 & 2, Block 4; Lot 2, Block 5; FURTHER RESOLVED That the entire cost, except such part not exceeding one-fifth as the city council may direct to be paid by general taxation, shall be paid by the levy of special assessments upon such properties in amounts proportionate to and not exceed the benefits to be received by them from the improvement, as determined by the Special Assessment Commission and the city council after hearings as required by law. FURTHER RESOLVED That the City proposes to undertake the acquisition and construction of the project described above (the “Project”) and to make original expenditures with respect thereto prior to the issuance of reimbursement bonds, and reasonably expects to issue reimbursement bonds, in one or more series, for the Project in a principal amount not to exceed $442,024.80 . Other than (i) de minimis amounts permitted to be reimbursed pursuant to Section 1.150-2(f)(1) of the Income Tax Regulations (the “Regulations”) or (ii) expenditures constituting preliminary expenditures as defined in Section 1.150-2(f)(2) of the Regulations, the City will not seek reimbursement for any original expenditures with respect to the foregoing Project paid more than 60 days prior to the date of adoption of this resolution. All original expenditures for which reimbursement is sought will be capital expenditures or costs of issuance of the reimbursement bonds. FURTHER RESOLVED That this resolution shall be published once each week for two consecutive weeks in the official newspaper, and the city council shall at its regular meeting to be held November 21, 2022 to hear and determine the sufficiency of any written protests which owners of property within the district may file with the city auditor within thirty days after the first publication. Done by order of the city council of the City of Grand Forks, North Dakota, this 15th day of August, 2022. Maureen Storstad, City Auditor Approved this 15th day of August, 2022 Brandon Bochenski, Mayor (Oct. 19 & 26, 2022) 112832