REPORT OF THE PROCEEDINGS GRAND FORKS SCHOOL BOARD REGULAR MEETING August 8, 2022 The Grand Forks School Board held a regular meeting on Monday, August 8, 2022, at the Mark Sanford Education Center with President Eric Lunn presiding. Board Members Present: Josh Anderson via phone, Dave Berger via phone, Amber Flynn via phone, Joel Larson, Eric Lunn, Jeff Manley via phone, Bill Palmiscno, and Cynthia Shabb. Absent: Monte Gaukler. Student Board Members Present: Ryaan Alshami. Absent: Maggie Barker. Others Present: Dr. Terry Brenner, Superintendent of Schools; Brandon Baumbach, Business Manager; Catherine Gillach, Associate Superintendent of Secondary Education; Dr. Brenda Lewis, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education; Melissa Buchhop, President, Grand Forks Education Association; and Cindy Johnson, Executive Secretary. Call to Order: 6:00 pm Motion and second to approve the agenda as amended carried. Motion and second to approve the minutes of July 11, 2022, as written carried. Motion and second to approve the minutes of July 18, 2022, as written carried. Public Comments: Ron Barta. Discussed: Review School Board Norms, Guaranteed Energy Savings Contract Update. Motion and second to approve the consent agenda as amended as follows: Appointments effective August 22, 2022, of Meghan Aasen, Grade 2 Teacher (salary $42,977); Cara Davis, Career Resources Educator (salary $56,600); Claire Glines, Social Worker (salary $42,977); Caroline Kasowski, Special Education Teacher (salary $43,774) Alexis Kubal, Physical Education Teacher (salary $46,967; Heidi Lamb Castle, School Counselor (salary $60,019); Emily Manning, Head Start Teacher (salary $42,977) Michael Rood, Business Education Teacher (salary $45,372); Jody Roseland, Vocal Music Teacher (salary $51,755); Jetrho Tan, English Teacher (salary $51,812); Gretchen Tetrault, Elementary Interventionist (salary $55,802); and Travis Willberg, Grade 4 Teacher (salary $42,977); Resignations effective June 3, 2022, of Alison Cieklinski, Library Media Specialist; Danielle Helgeson, Speech Language Pathologist; Bethany Lundby, Art Teacher/FACS Teacher; Aaron La Deaux, Activities Director; and Daniel Moffitt, Music Vocal Teacher; and Resignations effective August 4, 2022, of Shalley Ackerman, School Counselor, and Kendra Hart, Early Childhood Special Education Teacher, carried. Discussed: Waiver of Years of Experience and Appointment of Janitha Ladrillo. Motion and second to approve the waiver of years of experience and allow seventeen (17) years of experience to be brought into the district by Mr. Hanson and to approve the appointment (step BA+45, Step 18; salary $63,154) as recommended carried. Discussed: Finance Committee Report. Motion and second to approve the preliminary budget and tax levy for the fiscal year 2022-2023 as recommended carried. Motion and second to approve expending the list of qualified construction services against the Building Fund totaling $560,739.20 as requested carried. Motion and second to approve the School Construction Approval Request SFN 52304, Capital Expenses-Prior Approval for Use of Federal Funding SFN 61974, and amended School Facility Plan SFN 52813 and submit them to the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction for approval carried. Announcements. Discussed School Board Norms – How Did We Do? Adjourned: 7:28 pm. (August 31, 2022) 96726