IN DISTRICT COURT, GRAND FORKS COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA In the Interest of C.L.L. and I.R.L State of North Dakota, and Casey R. Lopez, Plaintiffs vs. Reuben Lopez Jr., Defendant CIVIL NO. 18-2011-DM-00492 NOTICE OF 3.2 MOTION TO THE ABOVE-NAMED PARTIES: [1] PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that, pursuant to Rule 3.2, N.D.R.Ct., the attached motion is submitted for consideration. [2] Upon service of the motion and brief, you have seventeen (17) days (fourteen (14) days under Rule 3.2(a)(2) N.D.R.Ct. plus 3 days for mailing under Rule 6(e)(1) N.D.R.Civ.P.) within which to serve and file an answer brief and other supporting papers. Upon the filing of briefs, or upon expiration of the time for filing, the motion is deemed submitted, heard, and taken under advisement by the Court, and will be decided on briefs alone unless oral argument is requested. Failure to file briefs or to request the taking of testimony or oral argument within the prescribed time subjects a party to summary ruling. Failure to file briefs will be treated as your admission that the motion is meritorious. [3] If you object to this motion, you must file a written response with the Court, outlining your objections, and serve a copy on all parties, including the Regional Child Support Unit. A written response to the motion must be filed before you can request a hearing. [4] After a written response is timely served and filed, you may request a hearing no later than seven (7) days after the expiration of the time for filing your response. Any request for hearing must be in writing, filed with the Court and include your name, address and telephone number. Requests for oral argument may be delivered to the District Court Office by mail or hand delivery. If you request a hearing, you will have fourteen (14) days from the filing of your request to secure a time for the hearing. A failure to secure a time within the prescribed period will deem a request for oral argument waived, and the matter will be considered on briefs alone. If you schedule oral arguments, you must serve written notice of the date and time scheduled to all other parties in accordance with Rule 5, N.D.R.Civ.P. This motion may be decided by a Judicial Referee unless you request that it be decided by a District Judge. Such request must be in writing and must be filed with the Clerk of District Court within seven (7) days of service of the hearing notice upon you. [5] Responses should be in writing and addressed to: Grand Forks County Clerk of District Court Grand Forks County Courthouse 124 South 4th Street Grand Forks, North Dakota 58206 (701) 787-2700 Dated this 8th day of December, 2021. /s/ Ethan Sonterre Special Assistant Attorney General Bar I.D. Number: 08706 P.O. Box 5756 Grand Forks, North Dakota 58206-5756 (701) 328-5440 E-SERVICE: Attorney for Child Support (March 30; April 6 & 13, 2022) 46653