Grand Forks County Special Commission Me

Grand Forks County Special Commission Meeting April 25, 2023 – 9:00am Action Item: Whiskey Creek Wind Farm Project The Board met pursuant to adjournment with Commissioners Rost, Engen, Hagen and Rustad present. Commissioners Hagen and Rustad participated via Zoom. Commissioner Pic was absent. Tom Ford, Director of Administration, addressed the board regarding concerns of Dan Burke, Director of Foreign Investment Reviews and Assessment under the Secretary of the Air Force Office of the Whiskey Creek Wind Farm Project. Lane Magnuson, County Planner, recommended an Ordinance Amendment be drafted to include a review by the Foreign Investment Risk Review in the Grand Forks County Wind Farm Ordinance as a requirement for Wind Farm applications. Moved by Engen, seconded by Hagen, to place a 90-day moratorium on wind farms until a Wind Farm Ordinance Amendment has been approved. Motion carried unanimously. Moved by Hagen, seconded by Rustad, to adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 9:13am. Robert Rost, Chairman Grand Forks County Commission Debbie Nelson, County Auditor (May 10, 2023) 221792