GILBY CITY COUNCIL MEETING Gilby Community Center January 11, 2022 The Meeting was called to order by Mayor McLean. The minutes of the last meeting were read. Emily motioned and Kayla seconded to approve the minutes as read. Passed/no dissent. The Financial Statement was reviewed. Jo Lynn motioned and Emily seconded to approve the statement as presented. Passed/no dissent. Current bills were presented, Scott motioned and Emily seconded to pay the bills. Passed/no dissent. Current Bills: Ottertail – 698.80/8038, Country Wide – 489.60/8034, Svoboda Sanitation – 3,841.83/8040, GF Herald – 46.98/8043, Visa – 736.85/8032, Polar – 113.55/8039, Mutch Gas – 459.80/8036, Oppegards 104.78/8037, Carlson Hardware 1,412.82/8033, Lakeview Dairy 27.85/8035, Swanson & Warcup 74.00/8041 and Agassiz – 26.73/8031. Old Business: - Update on New Community Center, discussed current projects, ceiling, new sink/counter and inside door. Also discussed December events. - Generator for lift station update, tabled until spring. - (ARPA) Certification Forms were sent to the State. First payment December 10th. - Sold city lot at #18 1st Street. New Business: - Sheriff Dept. was present and discussed area calls for December. - Main Avenue was discussed. M/S by Scott and Jo Lynn to approved plans and specs for resurfacing. Passed/no dissent - Discussed railroad property. - February meeting will be February 8, 2022 at 7:00PM in the New Community Center. M/S by Jo Lynn and Emily to adjourn the city meeting. Present: Robert McLean, Jo Lynn Dickson, Scott Hulst, Kayla Elke, Emily Goodoien and Mike Bethel (Jan. 26, 2022) 24454