CITY OF THOMPSON REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING THOMPSON COMMUNITY CENTER July 5, 2022 The regular meeting of the City Council, City of Thompson, County of Grand Forks, ND was held July 5, 2022, at 7:00 PM. Mayor Hughes, Council Members Bergeron, Fretheim, Wojciechowski, City Administrator, Public Works and City Engineer Melissa Knutson (Knutson) were present. City Auditor, Chief of Police (COP) and Plant Services were absent. Mayor Hughes called the meeting to order. He confirmed the next regular meeting will be held Monday, August 1, 2022, at 7:00 PM. “Any Individual requiring special accommodations (i.e., alternative formatting of literature, an interpreter, or help in accessing the facility) should advise the city by contacting the City Auditor at PO Box 266, Thompson ND 58278, or by phone at 701-599-2973. Requests should be made seven (7) days prior to the meeting.” Mayor Hughes swore in, and presented the Oath of Office to Council member Fretheim. Council member Bergeron motioned to approve the City Council meeting minutes of June 6, 2022 and the Organizational Meeting of June 28, 2022. Council member Fretheim seconded the motion. All said aye. The motion carried. Council member Fretheim motioned to approve the Financial Reports. Council member Wojciechowski seconded the motion. All said aye. The motion carried. Council member Bergeron motioned to approve the payment of bills totaling $70,551.16. Council member Fretheim seconded the motion. All said aye. The motion carried. The Police Monthly Report was presented. Council discussed the potential radar feedback signs on Hwy 15. Mayor Hughes will visit with Chief Kurtz as to the status of his proposal. In addition, Mayor Hughes indicated he has received comments that speeding and inappropriate use of UTV’s are the most pressing concerns of the community. He will communicate those topics with the COP as well. Council member Fretheim reported he received complaints about neighbors not picking up their trash after lighting off fireworks. The city does allow the discharge of fireworks during specific times. However, it does not monitor the clean-up. That is an issue between neighbors. Mayor Hughes informed the council that there has been some interest in the sale of fireworks within city limits. The current ordinance states that that is an offense punishable by a fine up to $500 and 30 days in jail, or both. City Administrator will confer with surrounding towns to see if/how they handle sales. Findings will be reported at the August meeting. The Public Works Monthly Report was presented. Public Works Director has confirmed with the Grand Forks County Engineer that they will schedule a meeting to stake, obtain locates and install the signs on 8th street either within the next week or two. Mosquito trap numbers continue to remain low. Spraying will continue on as needed basis.Mayor Hughes asked what the process is for monitoring the grass/leaf/branch dumpsters. There are currently four dumpsters for use. One grass/leaf, two branches, and an overflow. There are severe issues with overfilling. The city asks residents to please fill each dumpster completely before starting to dump in the next one. Council member Bergeron asked Engineer Knutson and Public Works how 3rd Street is holding up given the construction at the school. The Engineer has not done an official inspection. However, they have been monitoring it and other than a few minor items that will need to be addressed, there has been no major issues. Engineer Knutson and Building Inspector Aasen asked the council how they wish the process to be handled when proper permitting, building or otherwise, has not been obtained. It was decided that Building Inspector Aasen would first have a verbal conversation with the party. If unable to resolve, a stop work order may be issued verbally and via a certified letter. This process was approved and will be backed fully by the City Council. Engineer Knutson indicated that Polar Communications submitted another option for their building. They are in the process of negotiating with East Central Regional Water District for a spot on their property north of eighth street. Knutson reported that from the city’s perspective, there should be no issue with that placement. The first PIP Grant meeting with local partner organizations was held June 29, 2022. Attendance was low. However, great feedback was received. Examples on how the city might better include and obtain the opinions of students of all ages was given. The perceived need for a coffee/boutique business or possibly an expanded/shared sports facility was discovered. The next step is to initiate the same type of input from surrounding schools, outlying communities, etc. That meeting is scheduled to happen July 18th or 25th depending on availability. Council member Fretheim mentioned that the Living Local App will be ready to go live in two to three weeks. Promotional materials will arrive shortly. Part of the application program is to include information related to health and wellness promoted by North Dakota State Health. The department is offering free 50” televisions that will run videos about health and wellness information, while including the city app information along the side. Placement in other towns have varied but are generally in high traffic areas. Council member Fretheim will start the conversation with potential site owners for installation. Council member Bergeron inquired as to the status of the sewer/street cutting issue on 6th Street. Mayor Hughes responded that the project is complete, except for laying the asphalt. The deposit made for the project by the property owner will be held until the contractor submits a bond to replace it. The city expects the bond upon completion of the paving, which is anticipated to be this fall. In addition, the city is in the process of obtaining all invoices for services incurred by the city to resolve the issue. Per ordinance and policy, those costs will be applied to the property owner’s utility bill. A letter explaining as much will be sent to the property owner prior to the next billing cycle. Council member Fretheim discussed that some towns have the property owner’s sewer responsibilities start at the property line. Engineer Knutson indicated that that process presents its own set of issues and advises the city to leave the policy as is. The property owner is responsible for the portion they can control. Council member Fretheim discussed the placement of the sewer services under the streets. Engineer Knutson explained that that is a normal process. It takes up far less room, and is almost unavoidable. The only solutions would be to have two sewer mains running on either side of the road, behind houses, or only have houses on one side. Both options are quite expensive and not very practical. As Council member Fretheim and Wojciechowski also serve on the Thompson Day’s Committee, Council member Bergeron asked if the Committee has obtained their own liability insurance. The Committee has not met in some time. However, Council member Wojciechowski will determine where they are in the process. Council member Fretheim motioned to adjourn. Council member Bergeron seconded the motion. All said aye. The motion carried. Barb Robinson, Auditor Jeremy Hughes, Mayor (August 17, 2022) 91388