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CITY OF THOMPSON REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING THOMPSON COMMUNITY CENTER April 4, 2022 The regular meeting of the City Council, City of Thompson, and County of Grand Forks, ND was held April 4, 2022 at 7:06 PM. Mayor Larimer, Council Members Bergeron, Hughes, Fretheim, Wojciechowski, City Administrator, Plant Services and Public Works were present. The City Auditor and Chief of Police (COP) were absent. Mayor Larimer called the meeting to order. He confirmed the next regular meeting will be held Monday, May 2, 2022 at 7:00 PM. “Any Individual requiring special accommodations (i.e. alternative formatting of literature, an interpreter, or help in accessing the facility) should advise the City by contacting the City Auditor at PO Box 266, Thompson ND 58278, or by phone at 701-599-2973. Requests should be made seven (7) days prior to the meeting.” Council member Hughes motioned to approve the City Council meeting minutes of March 7, 2022. Council member Bergeron seconded the motion. All said aye. The motion carried. Council member Fretheim motioned to approve the Financial Reports. Council member Hughes seconded the motion. All said aye. The motion carried. Council member Bergeron motioned to approve the payment of bills totaling $74,299.28. Council member Wojciechowski seconded the motion. All said aye. The motion carried. Council member Hughes motioned to approve the First Reading of Resolution 1.0604 – Salaries of City Officials and Appointed Officers, as is on file in the City Auditor’s office. Council member Bergeron seconded the motion. All said aye. The motion carried. The Police Monthly Report was presented. Mayor Larimer provided an update from Chief Kurtz on the status of the proposed radar feedback signs and crosswalk upgrade on Highway 15. Council member Bergeron requested that a full proposal be submitted to Council for their consideration. The proposal should include but not be limited to necessity of improvements, scope of work, costs, applications/permitting requirements, and funding options. Council member Fretheim suggested that the accumulation of the proposal may be best created as a team endeavor. Mayor Larimer will visit with staff regarding the project. Further information will be provided at the May 2, 2022 City Council meeting. The Public Works Monthly Report was presented. Council member Bergeron inquired about the speed limit signs on Eighth Street. Public Works indicated that the orange flags have been installed. Grand Forks County will be installing the additional signs. They have not started that process as of date, but are expected to begin shortly. Public Works will contact Grand Forks County for a more detailed timeline. City Engineer Knutson provided an informational update. There has been renewed interest in the Johnson Addition. This interest is due to the potential purchase of an existing lot that would have been impacted by modifications in the most recent version of the proposed plat of Johnson’s Second Resubdivision. Because the process lapsed for more than 12 months, the process starts over. The city is awaiting a formal submission of an application. The application must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the May City Council meeting for consideration of preliminary approval at the May meeting. If received after that, the application would be considered at a later regular Council meeting. The Dollar General application has four outstanding items: payment of the building permit application fee, NDDOT Utility Easements, Septic System design and a Traffic Study (along with resolution of any applicable NDDOT requirements based on the study). The Traffic Study is a NDDOT requirement. It will analyze the movements on Hwy 15. The study and NDDOT review may or may not indicate that changes to Hwy 15 (turn lanes) or driveway size at the Village Avenue intersection may be necessary. The city has been made aware that Dollar General has agreed to the study, however, there is about an eight-week lead time on the results. Dollar General representatives plan to attend the May City Council meeting to request a building permit prior to receiving those results. Planning for the lagoon project is moving along smoothly. City Engineer reported that the project size and scope from previous projections of 2015 have roughly doubled. Therefore, the numbers will be higher than proposal in the past. City Administrator reported that Bond Refinancing RFPs were sent to 20 banks. Only 2 bids were received. Savings were not favorable. The bonding company is visiting with underwriters to see if they may provide some scales to determine if we may receive better rates. This process comes at no cost to the city. The Girl Scouts are no longer handling the coordination of the City Wide Rummage sale. At this time, the project is being offered to another non-profit for a potential fundraising opportunity. Should they choose to not move forward with the project, the city will determine if and how they might be able to continue the program. Council member Wojciechowski presented information regarding a potential policy for the Living Local App. At this time, it appears that minimal restrictions on publishing requests are necessary. Council member Fretheim continues to work with Living Local on the creation and content of the app. Further information will be provided at a future meeting. Council member Hughes motioned to adjourn. Council member Wojciechowski seconded the motion. All said aye. The motion carried. _______________________ Barb Robinson, Auditor _______________________ Dean Larimer, Mayor (May 11, 2022) 61784