CITY OF THOMPSON REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING THOMPSON COMMUNITY CENTER December 6, 2021 The regular meeting of the City Council, City of Thompson, and County of Grand Forks, ND was held December 6, 2021 at 7:00 PM. Mayor Larimer, Council Members Bergeron, Hughes, Fretheim, Majkrzak, City Administrator, City Auditor, Chief of Police (COP), Public Works were present. Plant Services was absent. Mayor Larimer called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. He confirmed the next regular meeting will be held Monday, January 3, 2022. “Any Individual requiring special accommodations (i.e. alternative formatting of literature, an interpreter, or help in accessing the facility) should advise the City by contacting the City Auditor at PO Box 266, Thompson ND 58278, or by phone at 701-599-2973. Requests should be made seven (7) days prior to the meeting.” Council member Fretheim motioned to approve the minutes from the City Council Meeting of November 1, 2021 with corrections. Corrections will be made to the original document. Council member Hughes seconded the motion. All said aye. The motion carried. Council member Hughes motioned to approve the Financial Reports. Council member Bergeron seconded the motion. All said aye. The motion carried. Council member Hughes motioned to approve the payment of bills totaling $47,370.39. Council member Fretheim seconded the motion. All said aye. The motion carried. The City Council approved the continuance of the Christmas Light Contest for residents within city limits. Prize totals will be $100, $75 & $50 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The contest date has been set for Saturday, December 18, 2021. Discussion regarding Eighth Street speeding concerns continued. Council member Fretheim motioned to check with Grand Forks County for aid in signage outside city limits to progressively slow traffic down upon entering the 15-mph zone. Council member Bergeron seconded the motion. All said aye. The motion carried. Council member Bergeron also inquired if the Grand Forks Sheriffs department might be able to aide in enforcement. Deputy Davidson indicated that if the city could provide data as to when additional enforcement is necessary, they would be willing to help out. It was further discussed that the city may consider investing in different radar equipment and possibly data collecting devices. Further research on cost will be conducted and presented at the next meeting. The draft load limit ordinance and building permit application was presented. Council member Bergeron confirmed that monitoring of the haul sheets indicated on page 39 will be the responsibility of the Building Inspector as they will be collected upon close out of the building permit. If the sheets are not supplied, a fine may be issued. Council member Bergeron also questioned the road deposit and bond requirements listed on page 44. The rates currently in place are quite low. The City Engineer and City Administrator will provide a recommendation for a new fee structure at a following meeting. Council member Fretheim suggested that the building permit application be sent to a couple of local developers to ensure clarity of what is requested on the form. A copy will be sent to Garon and Applegren Construction. The City Administrator presented a grant opportunity that would provide funding for the development of a Comprehensive Plan for the city. The grant is a three-tiered process with maximum award levels of $25,000 (with 25% local match) per biennial application. The City Council requested the City Administrator start the application process. The Police Monthly Report was presented. There was no discussion. The Public Works Monthly Report was presented. Discussion included the possibility of hiring an “on-call” person that would provide emergency relief should the Public Works Director be unavailable for snow removal. Council member Bergeron indicated that there should be an application process with interviews. Staff is to advertise the position and coordinate interviews. Mr. Krebs, representing a youth wrestling program for children 1st- 6th grade, requested use of Community Center for practices Tuesday and Thursday evenings mid-January through March. It is a temporary request, as once construction at the school is complete, they will have practice space available there. All coaches will be USA Wrestling registered and certified. Participant’s parents will be required to sign a liability waiver. The program representative would be required to sign a Community Center Lease Agreement. Council member Majkrzak recommended that the city require proof of additional insurance by the program. The City Administrator will confirmation with the City Attorney and Insurance Agent if there is sufficient liability coverage or if additional insurance is necessary. If sufficient, the council approved the request. Mayor Larimer informed the council that he had communicated with each employee confirming roles are clear, and duties will be completed as such. The Employee Performance Evaluations forms will be completed and presented to the council at a later date. Mayor Larimer recommended a 4% raise across the board for all staff. City Council concurred. City Engineer Knutson reported that the city has received inquiries from a potential commercial developer. At this time, no official application has been submitted. It was recommended that any questions be referred to the Building Inspector or herself. Both are happy to answer or direct them to the appropriate source. Council member Fretheim motioned to adjourn. Council member Majkrzak seconded the motion. All said aye. The motion carried. _______________________ Barb Robinson, Auditor _______________________ Dean Larimer, Mayor (Jan. 12, 2022) 21810