CITY OF THOMPSON REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING THOMPSON COMMUNITY CENTER January 3, 2023 The regular meeting of the City Council, City of Thompson, County of Grand Forks, ND was held January 3, 2023, at 7:00 PM. Mayor Hughes, Council Members Bergeron, Monson, Fretheim, Wojciechowski, City Administrator, Public Works Director (PWD), Plant Services, Chief of Police (COP), and City Engineer Melissa Knutson (Knutson) were present. City Auditor was absent. Mayor Hughes called the meeting to order. He confirmed the next regular meeting will be held Monday, February 6, 2023, at 7:00 PM. “Any Individual requiring special accommodations (i.e., alternative formatting of literature, an interpreter, or help in accessing the facility) should advise the city by contacting the City Auditor at PO Box 266, Thompson ND 58278, or by phone at 701-599-2973. Requests should be made seven (7) days prior to the meeting.” Council member Fretheim motioned to approve the City Council meeting minutes of December 5, 2022. Council member Wojciechowski seconded the motion. All said aye. The motion carried. Council member Monson motioned to approve the financial reports. Council member Bergeron seconded the motion. All said aye. The motion carried. Council member Wojciechowski motioned to approve the payment of bills totaling $44,036.22. Council member Monson seconded the motion. All said aye. The motion carried. City Engineer Knutson presented the preliminary plat submittal for the Bohlman’s First Addition. She explained that the City Council, acting as the Planning Commission, has the authority to approve, disapprove, or conditionally approve the application. Knutson provided draft comments pertaining to the submittal based on current ordinances, state law and regulations. Council member Bergeron wondered how future owners will be made aware of the various requirements. Knutson reported that any item that is a condition of the plat approval, would be noted on the recorded plat. Council member Monson questioned the 75’ frontage note. The continuation of currently platted, Village Ave, leaves little room for another lot. In addition, should there be future expansion, the existing driveway on the property in question may need to be abandoned. The council was advised that approval of the plat may affect future options for development. The next step for connecting to the city sewer is to submit a building permit application with detailed plans. All existing rules and regulations will need to be adhered to. After connection, the homeowner would be responsible for the line from the main to the home. Council member Bergeron noted the proposed schedule. If council conditionally approves the preliminary submittal, the applicant has 12 months to comply with the conditions. If not complete, the application is null and void. Council member Bergeron also want to clarify that he is also a member of the St. Matthew’s Church Council. He will remain as impartial as he can on both sides but may need to step back. Randall Bohlman, representing the Carmen Bohlman Estate, requested that the 20 foot easement currently required by ordinance either be waived, or reduced to 10 feet. Council member Bergeron offered his thoughts. He first looked at the zoning map. The area in question is currently zoned R-1. He then looked at the property directly across Hwy 15. Both properties are similar in nature and zoned similarly. The Northdale property has a 10 ft easement. He recommends treating both the same. The only proposed issue would be to allow for future development. Council member Monson asked City Engineer Knutson her professional opinion on allowing a 10-foot variance. In most cases, she would not recommend it. However, in this case, there is the option to route utilities in a different location, so the likelihood of needing the full 20 feet would be less. Council member Monson asked if the route for connecting to the sewer runs across existing ag land, what sort of easement will be necessary for maintenance, etc. Knutson reported that it would depend on what is submitted as a plan. However, if the surrounding property were to be developed and sanitary sewer was expanded, this private connection would need to be removed and a normal connection would be required. Council member Fretheim motioned to approve the draft comment letter provided by City Engineer Knutson, with the inclusion that the 10-foot variance process being a consideration, is revised and sent. Council member Wojciechowski seconded the motion. All said aye. The motion carried. City Administrator Herbert reported that costs for the new cross walk signs came in $1,211.58 higher than originally anticipated. City council confirmed paying the additional amount per previous motion. However, no check will be issued until the school reports having received all necessary NDDOT permits. Mayor Hughes will contact Mr. Maus, THS Superintendent, for that information. Mayor Hughes and Council member Bergeron offered to meet with the elevator to gauge openness for a project on Pacific Ave. No decisions will be made, it is just an attempt to establish a line of communication. The Police Monthly Report was presented. Mayor Hughes asked about the truck traffic citation. The driver indicated that he was trained to use an incorrect route. Chief Kurtz fined the company, rather than the driver. Future deliveries have been made using the correct route. Council member Bergeron requested an update on speeding fines. Chief Kurtz has visited with the Grand Forks Police Department. He plans to work with the city attorney to get the appropriate ordinances in place. He confirmed that the Sherriff’s Department still plans to install the radar box. However, they have been short staffed and unable to do so to date. The Public Works Monthly Report was presented. Public Works Director and Chief Kurtz have communicated well, ensuring that few people were parked on the street during snow removal. There have been some instances of individuals depositing their snow on neighbor’s or city property. Ordinance 3.0217 addresses this issue. Mayor Hughes will compose a letter to be posted on Facebook and the App to remind residents. Mayor Hughes addressed the council with concern about huge drifts being left at the end of driveways during major snow events. Council member Bergeron referenced a 2017 article from the City of Mandan as it relates to snow gates. They found that the use of snow gates slowed down snow removal operations by 30/40%, cost $15,000 per plow to outfit and are not effective in snowfalls greater than 6 inches. As a follow up, Council member Bergeron obtained current costs. They now range from $8,000-$10,000 per/gate. Council member Monson indicated that if there is something the city can do to help with current equipment and manpower, that would be fine. It was the consensus of the council that no changes to the current snow removal process would be made at this time. Engineer Knutson presented the goal list compiled during the various Partners In Planning meetings to the council for inclusion in the Action Plan. She reminded council that this will be a living document and that nothing is set in stone. Each item was addressed, requesting council input on each. No items were removed from the list. However, it was determined several the items pertained more to the Park District than the city and would not be efforts spearheaded by the city. The city will provide the Park Board with a copy of the suggestions that were pertinent to them. Mayor Hughes addressed the large pile of snow deposited on the city street by J & S Auto Sales. Chief Kurtz was to issue the warning following current ordinance. City Administrator will confirm with the city attorney that no other ordinances are being violated and if the current snow ordinance should be modified. Mayor Hughes reported there has been no update from the city attorney regarding the sewer assessment negotiations. Council member Fretheim motioned to adjourn. Council member Wojciechowski seconded the motion. All said aye. The motion carried. Barb Robinson, Auditor Jeremy Hughes, Mayor (March 8, 2023) 200783