The North Dakota Mill expects to complete its new “shuttle track” construction project in early August, allowing it better access to different sources of wheat.

The construction project consists of two parts, the first of which is an 18,000-foot train track located on the west side of Mill Road, that will allow “shuttle trains” -- 110 car trains -- to be unloaded at the mill when necessary. The other part of the project is grain storage. Four new grain bins totaling 1 million bushels have been added, expanding the mills capacity.

“As the mill has grown over the years, we are pulling in wheat from further and further growing areas across North Dakota, and this will give us better access to wheat that is further out in the western part of the state when necessary,” said North Dakota Mill President and CEO Vance Taylor.

Farmers and grain elevators across the state also stand to benefit from the mill’s new track and expanded capacity.

“It’s more ways to find the wheat that we need to service our customers,” Taylor said.

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