The sounds and smells of summer surround us now. The days for which we waited last January are here.

Another large audience went away from the City Band Concert on Thursday evening. Those who attend have learned to bring something to sit on. They know there is ice cream for sale. It enhances the music.

The list of band members is long. The director is Don Langlie, who has marked 25 years at the helm.

Though they are not all present for every concert, the following members are listed: Flute players are Shelley Bares, Lisa Crandall, Ana Ebbert, Shanta Gautham, Janelle Huber, Kaylyn Kalenze, Renae Knudsvig, Amanda Lee, Emma Rudow, Anne Sandstrom, Sharen Sprague, Wendy Stark, Angela Urlacher. On oboe is Caitlin Becks. Cassel Everson is a bassoon player. Clarinet players are Les Amundson, Carmen Sowers and Suzanne Steidl. Then there’s also sax players Peggy Jeffrey, Kate Knutson, Audra McKeever, Jayne Morrison, Annette Palmgren and Barbara Spicer. Tim Bartel plays tenor sax. Jayson Helseth plays bari sax.

Kaitlyn Backstrom and Dave Chritianson are listed as trumpet players. On horns there are Dietta Fransden, Alane Jodock and Yvonne Woodbeck. The trombone players on the list are Margo Colenso, Rachel Cox, Carol Svendson and Tom Wogsland. Euphonium players are Annette Aird, Avery Jones, Tom Lawicki and Sammy Lewis. Then there are Maria Draper and Brian Opdahl playing tuba.

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Names listed under percussion are Catherine Brissette, Sharon Budge, Carol Geiszler, Renaie Hillestad, Elizabeth Schaff, Jane Traub, Bill Garster, Sandra Iverson, Joel Ness, Joe Stark, Herb Thomson, Pet Devid, Dave Jeffrey and Lane Lindseth.

The next performance in the Myra Band Shell will be on July 25.

On these precious days of summer, the swimming pools are full of action. There are dogs leading their owners up and down the side streets.

And the Summer Performing Arts sessions are on display with “Bye Bye Birdie” this weekend at Central High’s Performance Center. Next weekend, it’s “Huck Everlasting” in the Red River Performance Hall.

During this week, the Sertoma Club reviewed events it sponsored once again to make Fourth of July a real celebration in Grand Forks. They agreed the fireworks were fabulous. There were 100 in the kid parade. And people ate 45 watermelons.

Ask Marilyn

Q. How are marriage licenses selling at the Grand Forks County office building?

A. Pretty well. In June, 68 couples paid $65 for their licenses. Summer is always good for marriage license sales.

Q. What are some of the license plates seen around here lately?

A. Vet4Vet, Lil Peg, U N Me and SUDS on a pickup truck.

  • Cheerful people of the week: Jenny and Dean Kuhn.

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