Bemidji calls . . . and the Bemidji Pioneer reports almost 1,000 on bikes made their way 17 miles around the lake on Saturday.

The Pioneer also says this day – the first of summer – marks the beginning if National Bald Eagle Day celebration on Saturday.

More than any other Minnesota lake, Bemidji calls people from the Grand Forks area. Some local families recall their grandparents going to Bemidji by train. And they would settle in for the summer.

These days, the trip to Bemidji seems like a hop, skip and a jump down U.S. Highway 2. There’s road construction along the way. But you can always find Paul Bunyan and the Blue Ox waiting at the visitor center by the lake. This weekend and next, “Deathtrap” is playing at the Paul Bunyan Playhouse. And the 20th anniversary of Bemidji Walk is scheduled from 4 to 8 p.m. Saturday.

The sun wasn’t shining earlier this week. So from the sidelines I watched hawks and gulls – or whatever they were – from the comfort of the Hampton Inn.

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For the dogs

Meanwhile, dogs have had their day. Once again, with management by Crary Real Estate, the annual fundraiser for Circle of Friends Humane Society was held at Lincoln Drive Park. And the winners were Brita, a giant schnauzer, and Ven, described as a greyhound mixed breed.

Ven caught the fancy of visitors at the show on Tuesday evening. The dog owned by Brooke Gornowicz was dressed to look like spaghetti and meatballs.

On a more serious note, Brita showed her knowledge of sign language. The dog visits hospitals with its owner, Laurel Johnson.

Mindy Triske, of Crary, who organizes the celebration to help homeless dogs, estimates 1,000 visitors came for the show. There were 900 who lined up for hotdogs – along with others.

Police dogs

Two of the city’s three police dogs were featured in the event to help homeless dogs. Sgt. Andy Stein, who has been with the police department 13 years, is coordinator of the program.

“They are a great tool to help locate a suspect who is fleeing on foot or hiding in buildings,” he said. “They are trained to detect illegal narcotics.”

Currently, Cpl. Andrew Ebertowski handles the K9 named Shelby and Cpl. Preston Engstrom is with the K9 named Riot.

Dunking tank

Among those helping with the sixth annual fundraiser for homeless dogs was Sheriff Andy Schneider. He took his place in the dunking tank to help raise money. An estimated $10,000 was raised during the “Hotdogs for Homeless Dogs”event.

Elaine and Don

Cheerful people of the week: St. Anne Sister Elaine and Don Langlie.

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