“In northern Minnesota, the snow and ice that fall don’t go anywhere – they just keep piling up. . . . October’s snow sticks around until April," writes Christopher Ingraham. "It’s hard to describe what 40 below is like to somebody who’s never felt it."

He writes about moving to nearby Red Lake Falls, Minn., in his book, “If You Lived Here You’d Be Home By Now,” recently published by HarperCollins.

Ingraham tells the story of his family’s move from life and commuting in New York to living in nearby Red Lake Falls. Unlike other books that I glance at and put down, this one in hard cover kept me reading through 289 pages.

Four years ago, Ingraham, as a Washington Post data writer, picked up on a report based on a U.S. Department of Agriculture study. It was a study that ranked counties from ugliest to most scenic. And Red Lake County was one of them.

Among responses to the report was one from a Red Lake Falls businessman who invited Ingraham to visit. And the thoughtful, delightful story of Ingraham and his family moving to nearby Red Lake Falls unfolds from there.

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Among the changes was the lifestyle for Briana Ingraham, who left a career that had been full of meetings and conference calls. Christopher Ingraham gave up commuting for a home office.

And life moved on for them and their 2-year-old twin sons, Jack and Charles. Briana became acquainted and active in the community. She was elected this year to the Red Lake Falls City Council. Christopher Ingraham learned the ways of deer hunting and the art of ice fishing.

The couple became familiar with services available in Thief River Falls. And when there were complications with the birth of another son, they found themselves on the way to Grand Forks.

In his commentary, Ingraham says its hard to describe what 40 below is like to somebody who’s never felt it.

“In all honesty,” he writes, “you don’t truly understand a northern Minnesota winter until you’ve been through several of them.”

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