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Alerus releases attendance numbers for Metallica concert

James Hetfield belts out a tune during Saturday's Metallica concert at the Alerus Center. photo by Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald

Metallica, the heavy metal band that performed Saturday in the Alerus Center, drew an audience of almost 17,000, according to center officials.

Tickets sales for the concert totalled 16,970, said Riley Simenson, marketing director for the Alerus. The stadium holds 21,000.

"We did not break the (attendance) record, but had an excellent turnout and we appreciate the community's support in this exciting event," said Anna Rosburg, general manager of the Alerus.

The largest concert audience ever at the Alerus heard George Strait perform in February 2013, with ticket sales totalling about 19,500, Rosburg said.

In February 2002, Cher drew the next largest crowd of just more than 19,000, Rosburg said.


Police presence

At Saturday's event, a few incidents required law enforcement attention, said Grand Forks Police Lt. Derik Zimmel. There were six arrests, but no reports of serious injuries.

"Two of those went to jail and the rest were cited and released," he said, adding the incidents were related to alcohol consumption and disorderly conduct.

Concerts typically are staffed more heavily than a football game, Zimmel said. Some officers manage traffic and security outside the building, while others patrol inside.

For this concert, Zimmel estimated about two dozen officers were at the scene.