Autumn brings a variety of crafts you can do with kids, big and small. Follow these steps to making a paperbag scarecrow.


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Construction paper in yellow, brown, orange, blue, red and black (can use different color paper for a more creative scarecrow)

Brown paper lunch bag

2 googly eyes (can draw in with permanent marker if without)





Permanent marker


Stuff paper bag with newspaper. Take care not to overstuff. Tape bag closed.

Nose: Cut orange construction paper in a triangle for the nose.

Straw "hair": Cut yellow paper into 1-inch wide, medium-length strips for the straw "hair." Cut about 8 strips. Save a piece of scrap for bow accent.

Mouth: Trace a mouth on black paper. (Out of black? Draw it on the paper bag with permanent marker.)

Hat: Measure width of your paper bag to ensure your hat will be wide enough. Draw hat onto brown (or any color you'd like) construction paper, and cut.

Hat stripe and bow: After hat is ready, draw a hat stripe and bow on the same colored piece of construction paper. Cut accordingly.

Hat accent: Trace a leaf shape (or mix up your hat accent by drawing a star or button). Cut hat accent accordingly.

Glue bow toward bottom of paper bag in the center, and paste straw-colored accent on middle of bow once it is secure.

Above the bow, glue (or draw) your scarecrow's smile. Paste the nose. Glue googly eyes so they are level and the nose is centered in between.

Glue "straw hair" toward the top of the bag layering one on top of the other as needed. Take care to have some lengths longer than others to play up straw effect.

Once "straw" is dry, paste blue hat accent onto rounded portion of hat. Paste "hat accent" leaf (or other shape) onto strip.

Once dry, glue hat on top of "straw hair" and voila. Your paper scarecrow is ready to display.