EatBeat: Denny's offers a wide selection for breakfast and other meals

The menu is long and well organized. The parking lot is large and adequate.

Marilyn Hagerty

GRAND FORKS — Some people from this area go to Florida to escape the chill of winter. Others find their way to the warmth of places such as Arizona. On a recent Sunday afternoon I went to Denny’s in south Grand Forks with a friend, Mary Glessner.

The restaurant on 32nd Avenue South, offers seating in a large room full of sunshine from the windows. The menu was large and alive.

We settled into a dining room full of sunshine and studied a menu that offered far more than we could imagine. Late in the day, their choices included the Classic Denny’s Breakfast. It’s among new choices – an English muffin topped with ham and served with hash browns.

Although you might not want to know, it brings with it 720 calories.

Denny’s large menu features breakfast inspired by eggs benedict. And there are patty melts that can be upgraded with fries, onion rings and fruit.


There are slams with a section of the menu inviting customers to pick four items and create their own slam. For those who keep track, the calories are shown for each item.

Premium pancake breakfasts feature one with chocolate chips. There’s a cinnamon roll pancake breakfast featured, as well as a nine grain pancake breakfast.

Omelets include a Mile High Denver version with ham, bell peppers and onions with American cheese. There is also an invitation for customers to build their own omelets.

Beyond signature breakfasts, Denny’s offers sandwiches including a Cali club for $11.79. It will be my next choice.

Full classic dinners include Alaska salmon and T-bone steak. There are six choices of meals designed especially for 55-plus aged customers

Desserts include cheesecake and a new signature Panookie made with chocolate ice cream and topped with ice cream and salted caramel.

Denny’s Restaurant

3770 32nd Avenue S.
Grand Forks, ND


Seating: 75 to 100
Hours: opens 7 a.m.; closes 8 p.m. Monday through Wednesday with 10 p.m. closing on weekends
Report card: The menu is long and well organized. The parking lot is large and adequate.

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