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LETTER: Profit must be only goal for Williston landlords

GRAND FORKS — Certainly the state government and the local officials who govern Williston plan to do more than “communicate” — there is no way on God’s great green earth that rent in the Williston region should exceed that of New York City.

The amenities in Williston hardly compare to those of NYC. Can you say “price gouging” and “pricing out of the market”? There should be rent control regulations in place.

Apparently the owners of these properties have only one thing on their mind — profit!

Profit at the cost of the average worker who isn’t making oil field wages, but is living off of a fixed income or is living on an income that is from the income paid by the oil companies and the peripheral industries.

Why is there no recourse for the people facing these exorbitant rent increases say to a Renter’s Commission or something like that? Whose pockets are being lined? Should there be an investigation into corruption/graft?

There is the appearance of being in “cahoots” with the companies who (now) own these properties. And why are the authorities sitting idly by? Unbelievable!

Kim Higgs