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LETTER: Fry bigger fish than voting records

In reference to the letter to the editor complaining of Rep. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., missing a few votes, as well as Sen. George Sinner’s, D-Fargo, (the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party's candidate for U.S. House) suggestion that would present a bill that the congressmen only get paid when they work: it is evident that these men are not concerned with big issues. I served a number of years on the appropriations committee in the House. There are many so called housekeeping bills and some with very little significance. Any legislator whose big goal is not to miss any vote does not impress me.

The one who is working behind the scene finding facts, influencing others as to his position on the bill, conferring with constituents and preparing his remarks on the floor is the one I’m proud of.

It is interesting to recall when I missed an important bill. I spent the morning in the appropriations committee (this was when we had no oil money). At noon I left for Killdeer to pick up a couple of bulls I had rented out. They had a call of the House and from that day until the rest of the session, one representative, every time he spoke, asked the speaker if Rep. Thorsgard was there or was he looking for bulls. My vote was not on the prevailing side, so it didn’t matter, but no one knew that.

I was a young man in 1939 when I visited many times with George Sinner Sr. (George Sinner’s grandfather) at the Union Stockyards. I always admired him; he was a prominent cattle feeder and I was a young trucker, and he took time to talk to me. He was a conservative Republican. I usually had been satisfied that the family is honest, concerned and successful. But after all the fuss about missing a few unimportant votes I am very convinced that, of the two, Rep. Cramer will represent us better.

Enoch Thorsgard