GRAFTON, N.D. — In Grafton a box was being filled, not with ballots, but well-wishes and a happy birthday to a woman who didn't even have to campaign to come out on top.

Clarabell Demers, better known as "Grandma D.", celebrated her 110th birthday on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 3.

"(It's) no different, you live with it. You grow up with it," she said.

She said the big birthday sign out her window at the Lutheran Sunset Home reminded her it was her special day when she woke up.

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Grandma D. first voted in the 1932 election that featured Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt. She thinks she voted for Hoover.

Her favorite president was Ronald Reagan.

"(He was) more like us, more like people around," Grandma D. said.

Grandma D. said she voted earlier this year. She didn't want to say who her pick was, but said she usually votes Republican but admits sometimes she goes blue.

"It depends on the man," she explained.

Grandma D. says being red is one of the keys to living so long, but what she means is a glass of red wine - at room temperature - before bed each night.

"That relaxes me. That's my medicine. Well I have other medicines too," she said.

Grandma D. received 180 birthday cards this year from all across the country, including cards from schools. She even received one from Gov. Doug Burgum. She admits there won't be personalized "thank you" cards this year, just a spot in the paper.

"I don't write as many cards as I used to because my handwriting isn't as good as it used to be," she explained.

As the sun began to set Tuesday, Grandma D. got one more birthday surprise. A parade of lights from a first-responder parade that went past her window, just like 110 candles on a cake. When asked about the next election, she admits that she doesn't really think about it.

"That's too far out," she said.