WEST FARGO — If you put your mind to it, you will find a way. That is something Parker Sebens is well aware of.

WDAY began following Sebens' life 20 years ago, when he nearly died as a toddler in a grain auger accident near Milnor. Despite losing both his arms in the accident, Sebens has always found a way to prove people wrong. Lately, he has been making a name for himself in the online gaming community.

Parker Sebens works from his West Fargo home, livestreaming himself playing the computer game "World of Warcraft."

"I start at around 10 a.m. because there's a lot of people in Europe who are six to eight hours ahead," Sebens explained.

Sebens has his own Twitch streaming channel, where fellow gamers from around the globe watch him play, sometimes for hours at a time.

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Sebens has special controls that allow him to use his feet to play.

"I never understood how exhausting it was to sit and entertain people," Sebens said.

Sebens has always been willing to talk about his situation — even his online gamer name reflects that.

"My character name is "HandyDandy" and I have another one named "Disabled" and my Twitch (name) is "AmputeeRex," Sebens said.

Prosthetics were not for him, so throughout school and life, he adjusted. After majoring in marketing in college, he thought getting a job would be no problem.

"I was probably putting out 20 (resumes calls) a week and everything was fine until I had a face-to-face interview, and then they would see I didn't have hands, and I've learned the look enough to know where they look at me and think, 'oh, he's not normal,'" Sebens said.

So far, life as a gamer has worked out. The online gamer publication Wowhead profiled Sebens and thousands of players responded. Many have become followers on his stream. Sebens has admirers worldwide who cannot believe what he can do.

"Like a dream," Sebens said. "You wake up and think it was fake, and you go on with your day and then when you come back later that day, and people are back on to see you and you're like, 'oh no, this is real.'"

So much has changed in the past two years for Sebens. He got married and became a father to an adorable baby girl, with one more on the way. And his hobby has turned into a full-time job. He is hoping all his success will lead to sponsorships and more followers, giving him an audience to see him showcase not what he can't do, but what is possible.

"When I thought I couldn't do something, then my parents would say, like, 'you can do it, you've got to put your mind to it,'" Sebens said.