Valentine’s Day dawns early. It brings tender thoughts today. And the Good Lord knows we need them after dealing with winter in the Red River Valley.

There are various versions about Valentine’s Day. Some can be found in the old World Book Encyclopedia. One speculation is that in the 1700s in England in the homes of gentry there was a drawing of lots. And each young man wore a lady’s name on his sleeve. That, possibly, started the expression of people wearing a heart on their sleeve.

Today there are roses and chocolates. There are tender messages on Valentines. There will be Sweetheart Bingo and a fish fry at the VFW Club in East Grand Forks. And the UND hockey team will be exchanging not so tender messages with the players from Denver on the ice tonight and Saturday evening at the Ralph.

At noon today, there’s a fan luncheon at the Alerus. The coaches and people in the know will share some thoughts with fans who want to know.

The annual potato dumpling and ham dinner will be simmering away and ready for serving between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Sunday at the Masonic Temple. Robert Schmitz says it’s the 17th annual fund raiser for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

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And the Grand Forks County Historical Society offers more entertaining history at 2 p.m. Sunday. There will be a presentation by Matt Berning. It’s entitled “Judge Charles F. Amidon: Wartime Hysteria, and the Espionage Act of 1917.”

Ask Marilyn

Q. How are people meeting incoming UND president Andrew Armacost and his wife, Kathy?

A. Alumni news from UND reports they will be at the UND gathering in Naples Botanical Garden on March 13. And they are scheduled to be at the home of Jim and Nicole Poolman in Scottsdale on March 14. There’s a request for RSVP response from those who plan to attend.

Q. what kind of plates have you been seeing around the Forks?

A. Around here, license plates spotted include TOYHAWK, BEARSGM and GRMBUS. A snowbird down in Arizona saw AUTA.

Q. How could a person become a census taker?

A. A notice in the Herald recently said to apply online at

Lily and Robert

Cheerful people of the week: Lily Mae Gowan Gulas and Robert Schmitz.