It was a beautiful day to go out and about. But she fell in a pothole and could not get out.

She hollered for help to get out of there. Her calls only fell on a deafened ear.

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So goes the opening of an ode by Judy LeClerc of Grand Forks. Like others, she is troubled by all the potholes around here. So she expresses her frustration in verse.

She writes, "I hear a truck coming, this isn't my fault. And then I am smelling the dreadful asphalt.

"The men with the shovels are now right out there, I might just be saved by a small gust of air.

"Help! Help! Is the only thing I think to say, I just think of something to keep them at bay. And then I remember my trusty cell phone and call 911 but get only dial tone."

In closing, LeClerc writes: "In case you are wondering, I did get out! Just at the last minute they heard my last shout. And lifted me out of that awful terrain. I headed back home to nurse all my pain."

Band plays on

In spite of potholes, most of the 62 members of the Grand Forks City Band found their way to their spring concert this week.

Highlights included the piccolo performance by Janelle Huber. And the solo by baritone Dean Jilek in "The Nine" was well received by a large audience at the Red River Performing Arts Center.

The band with Don Langlie, conductor, plays summer concerts in the band shell of the Myra Museum.

Meanwhile, the Second Wind Band that brings concerts to people around the area has cancelled its appearance today in Mayville. Director Don Craig messaged members that weather predictions were the problem.

Pitch in for Paul

"Whatever you do to cars in the springtime-do it. Tell me if I need oil, or what.''

That's what so many used to say. But gone are the days when people who don't know beans about cars could just leave it up to Paul Helgeson. He went the extra mile for customers when he ran Odin's Belmont Service.

Now Paul has fallen on tough times - cancer and other health problems. So there's a chance from 3 to 6:30 p.m. Sunday to help out Paul and his family. The benefit dinner begins at 3 p.m. at St. Mary's Catholic Church.

Ask Marilyn

Q. What interesting license plates have been spotted lately?


Dan and Melanie

Cheerful people of the week: Dan Tannahill and Melanie Popejoy.