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VIDEO: Fargo Freeze hockey team donates money to Manvel family killed in crash

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MANVEL, ND--Hockey is a sport with a lot of passion, which can create a lot of excitement on the ice - but on Thursday night, it wasn't the passion on the ice, but the compassion off of it.

Inside the Jason Stadstad Areana, volunteers are busy getting the ice ready for the upcoming season.

A season that has started off with a loss far greater than the win - lost column.

"It was very sad because it was part of our school and hockey community," said Hunter Hilde, of the Manvel Freeze.

The tragic death of their teammate five-year-old Kaytlin Dean. She was killed in a car accident on Thanksgiving Day along with her parents and one-year-old sister.

"It's been hard for the kids to understand where she is, why she isn't here," said Manvel Freeze Coach, Daryl Wockenfuss.

A home video shows one of Kaytlin's first practices - you can see her struggling on the ice, but her coach said she would not give up.

"You could skate by her and there was nothing but a smile on the face," said Coach Daryl Wockenfuss.

Though Kaytlin was just lacing up the skates for the first time, she was immediately welcomed to the hockey family off the ice.

That includes members of the Fargo Freeze - who stopped by Manvel on Thursday night on their way to a tournament to offer their condolences.

"It was horrible, it was heart breaking when somebody dies who is part of the hockey family," said Fargo Freeze player, Drew Burris.

They also brought a check for a couple hundred dollars to donate to the Dean family.

The money from the hockey players themselves.

These 9, 10 and 11-year-old boys raided their piggy banks - each contributing at least $10.

"If you pout your minds together you can help out," said Fargo Freeze player, Owen Puhl.

"As a coach, it doesn't end when you leave the ice or field, you need to teach these kids how to do the right thing," said Fargo Freeze Coach, Matt Fowler.

Young boys now who will grow up to be men.

"We are a family, so it was very kind, because they are part of the hockey team too," said Hilde.

Before leaving, more proof the jersey doesn't always matter.

Both teams posing together above "KD 12," which has been painted on the ice, to honor the teammate lost too soon.

"We are a hockey family, so we have to work together and be together as one," said Burris.

Using a tragedy to teach these young hockey players the important of being a superstar on and off the ice.

"When other community members reach out to you like that, it's warming to realize humanity still exits," said Wockenfuss.

Manvel and Fargo may square off this weekend in a tournament in Roseau.