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Fire Department wins Battle of the Badges

GRAND FORKS -The Grand Forks police department dropped its holsters and the fire department dropped its hoses in the Battle of the Badges.

The annual blood drive is held on Sept. 11th.

Police officers, firemen and the general public come out to give blood and support their side.

The fire department defended its own turf this year - taking the win.

But both sides say it's not about the badge - but the gift of life.

“I know someone out there is going to need blood to help them out so this is my way of contributing to that,” said UND Police Department Sgt. Jose Solis.

“Ultimately what we are doing this for is the community, its for the people who are in need and its way we can give back and do good for people who need it,” said Grand Forks Fire Chief, Gary Lorenz.

Enough blood was collected to help 102 people.