FARGO - Rochester, home of the University of Minnesota Rochester and the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, was deemed the best college town in Minnesota, a newly released study revealed. Madison, home of the University of Wisconsin, took home top honors in the Badger State.

The study, which was conducted by the website reviews.org, compiled the results using data from the United States Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Researchers with review.org analyzed a number of factors to determine the results including overall population, student population, rental costs, college education rates, transportation access, unemployment rates and last, but not least, bar availability.

Only college towns with fewer than 250,000 residents were included in the study, meaning the University of Minnesota would be excluded.

After initial analysis was done, the factors were then narrowed down even further to include cost of living, unemployment rates for 20-24 year olds and easy access to the city.

Rochester failed to reach the top 10 in cost of living, student employment, and city access, however, the city ranked No. 10 overall in best college towns for the best nightlife and fun.

The title for best nightlife and fun went to Williamstown, Mass., the home of Williams College, a private liberal arts college that had an undergraduate enrollment of 2,070 in 2015-16.

In North Dakota, Grand Forks, the home of the University of North Dakota, was deemed the No. 1 college town in the state.