FARGO -For most people, an RV is a brief reprieve from everyday life; a temporary escape.

But not for Heather and Tyler Waltz. The Waltz's simply aren't like most people.

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"This is home. We moved our entire life, I'm sure lots of people have heard of minimalism. We crammed everything we could get in there and it's our life now," says Tyler Waltz.

The Air National Guardsman and his wife now call this 40 foot RV home.

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"We are now full-time RV'ers," Tyler states with a grin.

Heather is a soon-to-be occupational therapist, whose contracts typically are less than a year long.

"We're traveling to a new state every nine months as she works at a different school, and we're excited to travel the United States," says Tyler.

First stop: Washington state.

"We'll be next to Puget Sound and Mount Rainer, lots of fun travel destinations," chimes in Heather Waltz.

But that's only where their new life starts to get interesting.

The Waltz's aren't alone, meet their 6 cats.

"This is Spike, and there's Lillith. This is Tiger, Lucipurr, Zuko, Miss Kitty," Tyler and Heather say as they introduce their feline friends.

The two realized getting a nine month lease for an apartment with six cats might be tough- so they bought one with wheels.

You'd think a pride of felines in a small space might get odorous.

The Waltz's have two words for you:

"Litter robot. Worth every penny," Heather says before laughing.

With Heather's job secured, Tyler needed something to do as well.

"It started as almost a joke," she explains.

But the punchline quickly became a real plan.

Tyler will try being a full-time vlogger calling himself: 'RV Cat Daddy.'

As the couple visits scenic locations around the country, they plan on sharing their unusual lifestyle online.

"Potentially live vicariously through us as we go to new and interesting places," says Tyler.

The whole time, they'll be hauling their half dozen hairballs.

The couple is excited for their new life.

Sure, there's some uncertainty, but there will also be plenty worth watching.

"I'm sure we'll have plenty of that coming your way as well," Tyler says with a chuckle.

They couple plans on leaving for Washington next month.

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