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Gem of the Week: Gifts to benefit the world

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GRAND FORKS, ND--Tis the season for opening your hearts and your pocketbooks.

In this Gem of the Week, Matt explains how your gift under the tree could help people almost 10 thousand miles away.

"We have seen the need," said Linda Paulson, with United Lutheran Church.

These are the sights and sounds experienced by members of United Lutheran here in Grand Forks during mission trips to Tanzania over the past decade.

"We in the United States have more than we need, we have so much," said Paulson.

That's why during this season of giving, this church community hopes to give back in a much different way.

"To receive a gift at Christmas like a scarf, piece of jewelry, box of candy, that is very nice, but this in a way is more meaningful," said Paulson.

It's called the Good Gifts Christmas Fair.

You can purchase gifts to benefit the people in Africa.

"You can fill out a card and give it to a loved one and say in your name, this year for Christmas we donated a pig," said Lanae Brown, with United Lutheran Church.

Altogether, there are nearly two dozen gifts, like cleft lip repair, neonatal care, farm animals, and materials for new schools and churches.

And something as small as 20 dollars - with matching donations - can go a very long way.

"Everybody loves a bargain, people wait for a sale before they buy things, we are having a sale, you can buy a surgery for a child," said Paulson.

This is the 9th years of the effort.

"We have sent over $146,000 overseas and locally," said Paulson.

A community reaching across the world for the holidays.

"We have seen the need, the changes, new hospitals being built, so that is what is special about this, it is a personal relationship with the people in Tanzania."

The Good Gifts Christmas Fair is Sunday from 11:30 until 1 at United Lutheran Church in Grand Forks.