Paid political letter: Mund: To Earn Your Vote

Ideas and opinions in this letter are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the stance of this paper. The author of this letter has paid for its placement.

As the Independent candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, my congressional campaign has been rooted in challenging the political status quo here in North Dakota.

First, I chose to announce my candidacy by what has often been described as “late” in the election cycle. Since my opponent had not bothered to update his campaign website since his last election until the end of October, I was not late to the election; I ignited it.

Second, in a deep red state and with previous ties to the Republican Party, I chose to run as an Independent. By paving my own path, I was not handed the financial or structural support my opponent has received; I created it. I worked my way onto the ballot as I traveled across the state, met with North Dakotans, and collected over double the number of signatures required to be placed on the ballot. Rather than pay my way onto the ballot, I earned my way. I did it the North Dakota way.

Third, by refusing to accept campaign funds from Political Action Committees (PACs), I have operated a campaign funded by the people, for the people. In just two months, I have out-fundraised the incumbent’s 23 months’ worth of individual donations under $200 by $47,746.85 to $19,086.92. Individuals vote, not PACs. I am proud that I am not bought and paid for by a political party or PAC.

Fourth, to prove that I have the experience, skills, and expertise to be your lone Representative in the U.S. House, I have remained a one-woman show. I have held eleven job titles throughout this campaign: (1) Candidate, (2) Campaign Manager, (3) Fundraiser, (4) Communications Director, (5) Treasurer, (6) Volunteer Coordinator, (7) Speechwriter, (8) Scheduler, (9) Technology Manager, (10) Policy/Research Director, and (11) Legal Advisor. If I can do all this right now, imagine the impact I will be able to make with an entire staff working alongside me.

Fifth, to prove that I listen to your concerns and have the drive to work hard for you, I do not have someone filtering through my messages. When you email me, I read it. When you receive a response to your concerns, it was sent by me. When I cited research and my viewpoints during the debates, I was citing my own work, not pre-formatted talking points. When I tell you that as the granddaughter of two veterans, I will support veteran’s healthcare, affordable prescription drugs, and will advocate against the privatization of Social Security and Medicare, I mean it. When I tell you that as the cousin of a North Dakota farmer, I will prioritize the farm bill and the needs of our North Dakota farmers and ranchers, I mean it. When I tell you that as the daughter of a public school employee, I will support education, I mean it. When I tell you that as a lawyer, I will uphold the rule of law, preserve democracy, and fight to preserve women’s rights, I mean it.

At a time when our democracy is threatened and our lone Representative was selected and approved to sit on the January 6th Committee but chose not to, it’s time we seek truth. At a time when our Representative ranks 29th out of 435 for the most missed votes, it’s time we hold him accountable. At a time when our Representative has not stood up to his party’s proposed budget cuts to the Farm Bill, Social Security, and Medicare, it’s time we put the people over the party. At a time when your right to privacy and the ability for you, your children, and your grandchildren to make your own healthcare decisions is being taken away, it’s time we have an independent voice of reason in Washington.

As the 2022 midterm election comes to an end, I want to thank YOU. I hope my candidacy has inspired more independents to challenge the political status quo. I hope more women have become inspired to run for public office. I hope more individuals who are not multi-millionaires and who cannot self-fund their own campaigns know that there is a method and place for them to also serve our great state.

I am ready, eager, and passionate about serving you, North Dakota. It would be an honor to have earned your vote.

Cara Mund, I
Bismarck, N.D.