Hoeven shouldn’t be in the Senate

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The two trillion dollar Trump tax cut was typical GOP. The size of it, and that it was to miraculously pay for itself, was a little different, but giving a big chunk of our money to the already rich is what they do.

Sen. Hoeven seemed somewhat out of character promoting the scheme on cable TV, but it all made sense when it turned out that he was one of a couple of wealthy senators who would make an extra large amount of money from the deal. I think they call that “conflict of interest.”

Now he’s running for another term to help head off any attempts to raise taxes on his businesses, himself, or start taxing his sizable nest egg, which reportedly has grown to a healthy 47 million. He’ll be a solid supporter of the GOP agenda to power-grab the purse strings of social security, Medicare, and the VA. If they get the ability to cut or eliminate these programs, there will be enough money for the country to easily afford the handful of tax-avoiding or non-paying billionaires and multi-millionaires like him.

Sen. Hoeven comes across as a North Dakota. nice guy, but his actions show us something else. He shouldn’t be in the Senate.

Tom Osowski

Minto, N.D.